The Transitional

Alpha Cell 01: Survey


Valorum Aire
4.074.862 M41

Inquisitor Arthur Erlend
The Nest

To the Esteemed Inquisitor Erlend,

What follows is an aperçu of the events that have unfolded thus far on the surface of Soryth. Please see the attached files for reference material and detailed information on the division of Sector ownership.

Upon entry into the planet’s atmosphere, the cell deemed it wise to approach the Arbitrator Headquarters using our drop-ship, as opposed to traversing the unknown grounds on foot. The building was protected by just one Arbite – his four colleagues were out scouting at the time of our arrival, making it much easier for us to secure the area and ensure his identity. From the few surviving Arbites we gleaned some information about the lay of the land – the ownership of the various sectors nearby (our own research provided a more complete set of data), the locations of the affluent neighbourhoods, and the location of a hole that we were told not to venture into. All this information can be found in the attached document. We also discovered the general hierarchy of the anarchic political structure – there are three gangs, headed by a leader each. The Reds are in control of ordinance, the Blues are in charge of medical supplies, and the Yellows run the monopoly on pleasure-drugs and alcohol. It seems that the three work together when they need to, and I imagine there are some unruly alliances to be discovered.

The Inquisition itself has been completely eradicated from Soryth. The existing headquarters have been flattened by tanks – nota bene: the enemy has access to tanks – and there is no known trace of the previous presence.

There are a few more worrisome discoveries that are worth mentioning. For one, the underground transit network is home to vagabonds and what seems to be a massive insect or worm of some sort. During one sojourn underground, we were attacked by a swarm of bugs and were trapped in place by what I deduce to be a massive mutated worm. We survived the attack of course, as I was able to pin-point the source of the attack before it happened. But it would be prudent for your other cells to keep their eyes and ears open for such strange attacks when venturing underground.

On the topic of venturing into dangerous places – Avalon Cell determined it would be wise to classify the contents of the aforementioned hole. After all, as a reconnaissance mission, it would be quite foolish to ignore a clearly significant area. I do not know if the others saw what I did – as I was the only one who ventured down – but there is a large number of mutants (they looked part man, part lizard) residing beneath the planet’s surface, and we need to handle them before they crawl out of their colony.

The final, and perhaps most worrying aspect of our reconnaissance so far, was coming across your face on a wanted poster. Though it would be unwise to assume only one of the three gangs has deemed you ‘wanted’, we were given this poster by the Yellows. They seem to have a vested interest in you, while the Blues seem to have an interest in us as well.

As your Safety Assurance Monitor should already have let you know, as we ventured North (to Sector 12), we were turned back by the Blues, and then chased down and attacked by them. I was able to distract the attackers, diverting at least a part of their chasing vans, and assisted the rest of Avalon Cell in its escape. We are all alive and well, though I must admit my confusion. I was outnumbered four-to-one by the Blues, but as I was killing them, more Blues arrived and assisted me. In fact, they are currently driving me to the exact location we were turned away from earlier.

From my understanding, not only are you wanted by the Yellows, but some of the Blues were also out to kill us, while others were willing to rescue us with a fight against their own. Perhaps the unrest and political struggle on Soryth runs a lot deeper than we previously concluded. Even though three colours are flown, there seems to be a lot of internal struggle as well. Presently, there isn’t enough evidence to draw conclusions, but there is definitely a fair amount to contemplate.

By the Blood of Aire,

Valorum Aire


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