Sir Valorum Aire



  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Date of Birth: 2.884.835 M41
  • Build: Athletic and tall
  • Height: 6’4"
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Rank: Nighthawk


WS 35 Wounds 13/13
BS 42 Corruption 0
Str 38 Fate Points 2
T 31
Ag 36
Int 38
Per 38
WP 25
Fel 34

Notable Kills


Coming soon


Drive (Ground Vehicle)
Heightened Senses (Sight)
Pilot (Civ Craft)
Silent Move +10
Dodge +10


Rapid Reload


The Family

“There are two families on Siren’s Den that one must never upset. One is their own, and the other is the Aire.”

The Aire bloodline has existed for years as one of the most prominent Assassin-clans on Siren’s Den. More than mere hitmen, the Aire kill with an agenda. Those who oppose their bloodline, their (well-paying) allies, or the Emperor, shall fall without hesitation. Often lending out men and women to protect individuals, the family has created and retained its wealth through a variety of means. In the recent years, a darkness has taken over from within. A burning desire for vengeance has caused much strife for the family and the two heads of the family have stopped leading, and have passed their duties onto their children. Many wonder if the Aires are still a family to fear – but merely expressing this doubt results in their immediate extermination.


Valorum is the eldest child of Lord Domitius and Lady Camilla (the two heads of the Aire family). Born into this family of assassins, he has learned the skills of the trade from an early age, and as a noble, he has been trained to lead a cultured life. Diplomatic and calculating, Valorum likes to plan as much as he likes to kill. Behind the violent façade, Valorum is a man who seeks to protect his family above all. Unfortunately, this love of family has been the undoing of the Aire bloodline.

Soon after having Valorum, Lady Camilla gave birth to twins Marcellus and Terentius. After they had come of age, she gave birth to Aurelia – the first daughter of the Aire family in generations. The birth of a daughter had been foretold for years, and oracle upon oracle had said that her reaching adulthood would result in a Golden Age for the Aire. Valorum loved his sister dearly, and took care of her however he could. He intended to teach her the ways of the assassin, and to take her under his wing. Domitius and Camilla were often too busy with the politics of the family, and Valorum became Aurelia’s father, in many ways.

At the age of five, Aurelia was assassinated before Valorum’s eyes. He still recalls the sound of the shot – a Nomad sniper rifle, without a doubt. He remembers the thud as the bullet punched through her feeble chest. He remembers as he leapt to catch her falling body, and how he sat there after, helpless and broken, just like Aurelia in his arms. Valorum swore that vengeance would be his, and he began a brutal hunt for the killers of his sister.

Lady Camilla and Lord Domitius retreated permanently into their room, delegating their duties to Marcellus and Terentius. Valorum, meanwhile, lead the massive family of assassins on an endless hunt. Every lead would be chased down and eradicated, and no family was safe from the Aire’s vengeful rage. Slowly but surely, the Aire began their fall from grace.

Valorum’s violent rampages caught the eye of the Inquisition (given how effective they seemed to be), and Inquisitor Arthur Erlend gave the nobleman a chance to join the Inquisition – to do the Emperor’s work. Valorum accepted the offer, considering the benefits of his new position as an acolyte. Not only would he have more power, but he would also have more resources with which he may continue his hunt.

As a member of the Inquisition, Valorum has returned, somewhat, to his old ways. He knows his upbringing is an important resource, and he intends to use it as such. But the hunt is still on. And it always will be.

Relations with the Party (updated in a chronological fashion so you can see the evolution)

Garland “Flicker” Royce
He’s a cock of a man. Hopefully his skill with a gun is inversely proportional to his value as a person. But at least he has a sense of humour.

Okay, he’s less of a cock. At least he understands what happened with Aurelia, and we see eye to eye in that regard. Perhaps there’s a friendship to be had, yet.

Diana Joss
She seems quite eager to get things started. Quite amiable, and dutiful. At least that’s what she portrays. Hopefully she keeps it up in the face of adversity. Quite a beautiful necklace she has. Hawks 4eva!

Rupert James Murdoch
Seems to be a fairly standard affair merc. Interested in getting into action, and maybe some blood on his hands. He’s certainly a little rough around the edges.

Sir Valorum Aire

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