Population: Estimated 3.5 Billion

Tithe Grade: Aptus Non ( previously Exactis Prima)

Government: None/ anarchy. Previously Adeptus Terra. Scattered pockets of local governments remain.

Planetary Governor: Warner Hunt*

Geography: Six continents, separated by ocean. Oceans cover approximately 40% of the planet’s surface, while towns and cities make up almost 10%.

Adept Presence: Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Arbites

Military Presence: Local military and reserves forces

General Information: The planet of Soryth held a large tithe to the Imperium for many years, primarily in the manufacture of military supply and the exportation of frozen gases. Recently, civil war broke out, wiping out a vast majority of the population and collapsing all social structure. The war was short-lived, ending approximately a month after it had begun. Due to its brief nature, the Imperium did not receive word of its severity until it was too late to act upon, and currently suffers from its missing tithe.

Decades ago, there had been another large-scale civil war on Soryth, caused by the hand of the Ruinous Powers. Although that situation had been placed under control, the Inquisition is now being sent to the planet to investigate the cause and nature of this war, and oversee the re-establishment of the planet’s infrastructure.

Other: Unlike holy Terra, the planet of Soryth does not have magnetic poles. Instead, its magnetic field is fairly random across the planet’s surface. Maps are oriented to the rise and set of the sun, and navigation is primarily conducted through stellar means.

*whereabouts unknown


The Transitional Nymphess